Blue Water Watermakers Create the World’s Largest Watering Hole

Blue Water Desalination LegendThe Ship’s Systems feature of the latest issue of Marlin Magazine (March ’15) covers the brilliance of having an on board watermaker that uses reverse osmosis technology to turn salty sea water into pure potable water that is actually cleaner than most municipal and dock water supplies!

The World’s Largest Watering Hole

With a Watermaker, the Ocean Becomes a Limitless Supply of Freshwater

Once considered an extravagant option aboard a sport-fishing boat, watermakers are pretty much standard equipment today, with many boats even utilizing two units. Having a steady supply of potable water to shower, cook, live aboard and wash the boat with at the end of the day is a huge benefit. Converting salt water to fresh via the reverse-osmosis process gives you virtually mineral-free water, so it is far less damaging to topcoat finishes and Isinglass curtains than city or dock water. It’s also better for ice machines and the entire freshwater system. (more…)

Get in on the Action of the Bermuda Big Game Classic

We are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Bermuda Big Game Classic beginning July 9th with the Captain’s meeting and party, and concluding on July 13th with the awards banquet. With three days of tournament fishing and a Bacardi sponsored open bar every afternoon at the weigh station in Hamilton Harbor, the Bermuda Big Game Classic is sure to be filled with good fun and great fishing! Check out the event website for more details on this upcoming tournament, and learn more about our new cutting-edge watermaker systems.

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