Pack Light for Offshore Fishing: Get a Watermaker

Pack Light for Offshore Fishing: Get a Watermaker

The REHAB Fishing Team Chooses Blue Water Desalination

“You can stay out longer when you have access to more and more fresh water,” declared Jasen Gast, after having a new Blue Water Desalination Express XT 600 installed on his 45’ Buddy Davis sportfish REHAB. Gast hails from Freeport, Texas and enjoys fishing throughout the Gulf of Mexico – both for fun and for lucrative tournament purses.

Fishing along the Gulf Coast of Texas is a bit different from some other areas. To hunt billfish, you must travel 80 to 125 miles offshore. These distances aren’t well-traveled in a single day and involve overnight and 3-day fishing trips for most boats.

Never Run Out of Water Again

This is what you do when you have unlimited water in Avalon Harbor.

Bob Flaig, owner of the M/V Fighting Irish, keeping his hull clean with water from his Blue Water Desalination Express 600 GPD watermaker.

This is what he has to say about his experience with Blue Water.

I purchased the Bluewater Desalination Express 600 water maker and I am very happy with it. It is easy to use. Just hit one button and you are making water in seconds. This system converts 25 gallons per hours of Salt Water into 99% pure drinking water. Now I do not have to conserve water in my 39 foot Bayliner boat on long weekends spent on the mooring in Avalon and have enough water to wash down my boat after making the 30 mile trek across the channel from Huntington Beach to Avalon. I have fresh water toilets and an ice maker so now I do not have to worry about having to fill up my water tank at the pump out station. Over this past summer I ran out of water three times. What a bummer. I had to go bring water in 5 gallons jugs from the pump out station where water costs 25 cents for 5 gallons. Cost of water is not issue, but carrying the water from the pump out dock and pouring it into my water tank is time consuming process. Now I can get other work done and though I have to use my generator to power the water maker I can still charge my batteries at the same time.
I love using water and now making water.

Also, very happy with the install that Mike Scott with Crew West / Oceans Marine Electronics did.

Bob Flaig

Satisfied Customer

Bob Flaig

Express 600 GPD